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Po-Wei Wang


I am an PhD student in the ML Department of Carnegie Mellon University, working with Prof. Zico Kolter. Before that, I was an undergrad in the CSIE Department of National Taiwan University, and a member in the Machine Learning Group of Prof. Chih-Jen Lin. I respect theoretical justification as well as engineering craft, enjoying writing proofs and designing working systems. My research interests include machine learning, convex optimization, and robotics.

Education & Experience


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Term Projects


ITRS Test 3 (with Scott Tsai)

We created a web-based Linux environment with QEMU, python, and AJAX, in which students could run vim, gcc, python, and various tools. In addition, students can submit their code to a central judge server on appengine to evaluate their answer. The system is designed for "Programming 101" courses.

Robocup NTU PAL (with members in NTU RPAL Lab)

We rewrite the vision, behavior, and motion system for Nao robot from BHuman codebase so that the robots can share localization information and perform wide-angle kick without moving too far. As a result, we won the 3rd place in the standard platform league.

MIA (with Chun-Liang Li)

The MIA system uses two PS3Eyes to perform triangulation on feature points, and one camera to record the video in H264. We wrote a 3D SLAM library to perform self-localization and consistent mapping of objects. It was a term project for VFX course.

LLDVK (with Logan Chien)

LLDVK is a translator which translates C codes into Android bytecodes (dalvik). It is built on the LLVM compiler infrastructure, and it served as a term project for the compiler course.

Honors & Awards